A couple of months ago we got rid of our TV. We barely watched it anyway, and we couldn’t justify the space in our relatively small living room.

We discussed what we would replace it with. I was thinking of a bigger TV, with Apple TV so I could play music through it, and we could watch Netflix. In the end, we said we would get rid of it and replace it later.

The space you inhabit reflects how you use it.

Our TV took up an inordinate amount of space for the amount it was actually used. The TV dictated how the rest of the room was organised. The sofa must look at the TV. Every other piece of furniture should then fit around this rule.

It was quite liberating to get rid of the TV. Once it was gone, I moved some furniture around. I placed a comfortable armchair where the TV used to be. Now the armchair looks at the sofa. When we have friends around, people use the space as it should be used. They sit on the sofa. We have conversations.

We didn’t before. I always wondered why.

The best thing is the dining table though. The dining table sits under a light, near the big French windows. We sit around the table and enjoy meals. On the table sits a vase; in the vase we place fresh flowers.

Before, it felt normal to sit with a tray and watch the TV with dinner. Now, it seems unthinkable. Dinner is now a time to talk with my wife, and ask how her day went. We make plans, and converse easily. I am blogging from the dining table at the moment: it feels the natural place to sit now.

The room is well lit, and the lighting on the table is lovely. It invites you in, to sit, to spend time, to enjoy.

Do we watch TV? Sometimes. I watched some Netflix on the iPad this morning. I felt unproductive afterwards, which is a weird thing to say, but that’s the only way I can explain it. But TV isn’t essential to me.

The final touch? I recycled the speakers that I had bought for the TV: we can listen to music while we dine.


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