It has been a long time since I last wrote, and it feels good to be back. I am alone with my thoughts and have time to write for the first time in what feels like a long time. Let me set the scene.

I am sat at my dining room table, laptop on, and dusk is falling outside on what has been a beautiful spring afternoon, where the sun has shone but the heat has been bearable. The sky is beginning to turn to that inky azure before dark, but the few lingering clouds are lit up with just a hint of pink from the last embers of sunlight. I have lit a candle which is settling after its initial flickering.

I have sent my wife to bed as she is exhausted, and a long night awaits. Our baby boy had some vaccinations today and he has been very teary all day. He is currently nestled in a sling on me, and is slowly drifting off to sleep after feeding. I, despite a punctured tyre on my bike today, a day at work, a big gym session, and a two mile walk with my son strapped to me, am feeling energised.

I am into week 3 of Joshua Becker’s uncluttered course and I am glad I already have a headstart from initial minimalising, as I have been so busy. Last Saturday we said goodbye to my parents-in-law after hosting them for five weeks, and this has been a stressful period as we don’t have a big house, so we have been getting under each others feet. One of the main issues I found was finding quiet space to think! My parents-in-law can be noisy and like having a tv on all the time, even if no-one is watching it, whereas I remove any surplus noise sources as soon as I can. Having said that, they have been a blessing in helping me to look after my wife and son, and I am thankful for their being fit enough to make the journey and help out.

So with this lack of headspace to clear my thoughts, I have continued my journey, sometimes forward, sometimes back. On a positive note, my email purge continues and I now receive very few emails a week, typically between 5 and 10. Some of these are even emails that I want to receive! I relished a couple from family and friends who wanted to catch up.

On a perhaps more neutral note, I have managed to switch my Netflix habit a bit, by switching off the tv series and moving to documentaries. I was especially impressed by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Cowspiracy, Living on one Dollar, and An Inconvenient Truth. They got me thinking about my values and how true (or otherwise) I have remained to them over the years, and I have been inspired to start a 36 hour fast, until Saturday morning. I will eat nothing and drink nothing but water, tea and I have allowed myself one coffee, but no milk and certainly no sugar. Caffeine is a well known appetite suppressant and I don’t want to abuse that on a fast. We have nothing planned for tomorrow so it should be a good time for reflection and thinking about the food I eat.

So back to the course, I am glad I have already minimalised my car, my wardrobe, my work stuff, my desk, my bedside table. But there are areas I can definitely work on. I am throwing away a lot of fragrances that I don’t like or don’t use. Another area I am working on is my diet, and I have eaten up any processed foods that remained in the house in preparation for my fast.

On another note, I should mention my newest followers, minimalistsouls. I haven’t had a chance to delve into their website, but I have managed to spend some time listening to their podcast. Please keep up the good work and carry on inspiring.


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