My current morning routine is as follows:

Wake up

Grind coffee beans and set up cafetière.

8 minutes stretching routine.

Pour coffee.

Do Duolingo exercises over coffee.

Read blogs, write.

I think our morning routines should:

  1. Be a simple, peaceful beginning to the day. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself early on. I used to put the radio on but over time I found it to be a distraction from mindfully waking up.
  2. Focus on your goals. We know about the importance of habits for achieving our goals. The morning is the perfect time to practice those habits and get some early wins.
  3. Be dedicated to your body. If I didn’t do my workout at lunchtime, I would get it done in the morning. As it is, a stretching routine while my coffee brews is sufficient to help warm up my muscles and feel more awake.
  4. Be dedicated to the mind. Set 5 minutes aside to meditate. I do breathing exercises during my stretches.
  5. Avoid distractions. This is the time not to be looking at email, social media, news. Leave your phone off.

I should credit reynoldsmade for inspiring me to write this post.



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