WL’16: 3: Exercise


A lot of the inspiration for weight loss actually stemmed indirectly from a desire to shake up our gym routine. We were getting bored of drudging through the same routine week-in week-out. We had back day, chest day, legs day, and two cardio days. And we knew the routine off-by-heart.

We wanted to add more exercises, but we didn’t have time to fit them into the routine. Our routine felt more like it was trapping us than actually being a helpful way of working out.

We decided that we wanted our routine to be more diverse and have a wider variety of exercises. We wanted to continue working on our cores, but have a variety of different exercises that allowed us to do something different every day. We wanted a combination of free weights and bodyweight exercises.

One of the training maxims we held ourselves to was “never do the same workout twice.”

Over a period of about 6 weeks, we added a lot of exercises that we wanted to do. Exercises that would challenge us and would continue to make us work hard. It took a fair bit of research, but we came up with enough exercises to fill out four weeks routine.

Now we have advanced it enough that all of these exercises live in a spreadsheet, and every four weeks we run a macro that randomises everything and spits out our gym routine for the next four weeks.

We have some bodyweight exercises that we use as benchmarks.

I didn’t have a weight loss goal, I had a “can my body do this” goal.

While doing the research for the new gym routines, I came across this video from Athlean-X (if you watch this video, you’ll have to forgive Joe, he likes to record most of his videos without a top on).

The message he had was this: if you want to lose weight but build muscle, you need to be hypocalorific but have a positive nitrogen intake. This was a revelation to me. What should have been obvious wasn’t. It’s now one of the key drivers when choosing foods.


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