WL’16: 6. Benefits


As I write this, I weigh about 77kg. I don’t keep that close an eye on my weight anymore. I can muscle up again. I can run long distances without getting pain in my hip, which I attribute directly to weight loss. I ran two half marathon distance runs over the 2016 Christmas break.

I have some fitness goals for 2017: one is to work towards a handstand press and a planche, and the other is to complete 6 half marathon runs and 6 100km cycle rides over the year. Both of these will require me to keep lean.

I don’t calorie count any more. I actually found that there is a very simple rule for not putting on weight: eat until you are satisfied. If I stuffed myself and felt overly full, then I put on weight. I did play around a little bit with macro ratios when I was dieting, but nothing worked quite as well as being hypocalorific.

I still fast in the mornings. I drink water, espressos and black and green teas before working out at noon. I don’t drink shed loads of water: I typically drink about 750ml in the morning and 500ml in the afternoon.

Another rule I found is this: bodyweight is determined by diet, physique is determined by exercise. This may come as a shock to some people, but my bodyweight does not correlate with exercise. I could go for a run where I would apparently burn 1000 calories, but put on weight.

I have found since losing weight that I enjoy my workouts much more. I think it has helped to stabilise my hormones as I can feel the endorphins after a workout. In addition, I can see progress across the exercises I do, whether it is core exercises or cardio.


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