We went for a minimalist shopping trip today. I am in the market for a couple of books, but I don’t want to buy them new as I want to buy second hand, but also I’m not in a rush to buy them. They are definitely a “like” rather than a want or a need.

I did want a new belt though. Having lost weight recently, I finally came off the last hole on my belt and so I wanted a new one. It’s not quite trousers falling down time, but I don’t want to show my underwear off either (I’m not that young).

So we walked into town (on a freezing cold morning) after parkrun and walked round the charity shops looking for books and a belt. We walked around three or four before I found a perfect belt at the British Heart Foundation. So I paid for the belt and I donated my old one.

I didn’t find any of the books I wanted, so I walked away. We then went to Wilkinson to buy some toiletries, and we bought some strawberries from the market. Then we walked home.

So tips for shopping:

  1. Nosce te ipsum: know thyself. If you’re going through the process of trying to spend less but know that you’re quite prone to compulsive purchasing, maybe stay away from shops for a while.
  2. If you’re not shopping for a need, be willing to walk away at the drop of a hat.
  3. Consider buying anything and everything second hand. From the charity shops we walked around, primary targets should be clothes, books, jewellery, games, household items.
  4. Get on a budget! It is massively important to plan where your money is going at the start of each month.
  5. Consider where the product is coming from and where your money is going. I’ve paid more in the past for books knowing that the money will go to local companies than to multinational retailers or supermarkets. Ideally you want to pay less and keep your money local.

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