Want to be happy? Be grateful.

David Steindl-Rast

Here are 10 simple things I am grateful for that I usually take for granted. 5 about me and 5 about those around me.

  1. My life. I am glad to be alive! Without my life I would find most things difficult.
  2. My body. I used to be a lot heavier, with a BMI above 30. Thanks to some lifestyle changes, I am a fit and healthy 31 year old. I have all my limbs attached!
  3. My health. I have some very minor ailments, asthma and hay fever, but otherwise I am fit and healthy. I don’t regularly take medication. I like going to the gym, cycling, swimming and running, and generally finding our where my body’s limits lie.
  4. My senses. Taking and looking at photographs bring me great pleasure that I can do thanks to my vision, for which I need no glasses. I love the smells of soaps and candles. I love good food, and I love listening to music.
  5. My brain. I have a degree and am working towards my doctorate. I speak two languages and can get by in a third. I love solving puzzles and reading books.
  6. My wife. Isabel has been my partner for more than 12 years now, and she hasn’t tired of me, despite my best efforts. Together we have weathered many a storm, and come out the other side stronger than ever. She is a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman and I am grateful that the stars brought us together.
  7. My son. Lucas was born 12 weeks premature and spent 10 weeks in hospital before we could bring him home. He is now nearly 9 months old and is getting bigger and stronger by the day. He is also completely gorgeous. I miss him when I go to work. I love him even when he cries, and he makes me laugh every day.
  8. My parents. The cliché is true. The moment I became a father, I started to appreciate all the work my parents had done for me. They weren’t perfect, and neither will I be. But they did their best and worked their hardest, which is all you can ever ask.
  9. My house. Recently we were fortunate enough to buy our own home in which to raise our family. It’s a modest home, but we love it. It has enough space for our needs.
  10. My friends. We are blessed with some great friends who have brought us great joy and shared some wonderful times, and we look forward to more of them.

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