ZTD: Tuesday catch up 1

Just a quick catch up on capture, I know I only posted on Sunday but I wanted to give everyone a nudge to get started! Come join me!

Here’s what I’ve observed so far:

  1. I have less stress already. After two days! Keeping a pad in my pocket and writing stuff down is already saving me from having to remember stuff. I also keep the pad on my bedside table as that seems to be where I have most ideas!
  2. I am less angry! When I would think of stuff earlier, I would have a compulsion to do it in that moment, and I would get grumpy with stuff that I had to do! If I write it down, I delay gratification. I know I won’t forget it and my feelings of frustration dissipate before they blow up.
  3. I am more mindful: When I’m at work, I need to be working. Anything I need to do at home but could do at work (like online research) I am just writing down knowing that I will get to it that evening. For example, I read something that inspired me to do online research on vegetarian meals. But I caught myself, wrote it on my pad, and got on with what I was doing. It didn’t stop the interruption, but the interruption was 15 seconds instead of 10 minutes wasted online.
  4. I am using contexts reasonably naturally. I think this is a consequence of switching to an analogue system. When I was using a digital system, it seemed odd to have a context that was @computer or @online as I was already online. But now it seems much more natural to add emails I need to write to a list that says online.
  5. I am spending 5 minutes at the end of the day to move stuff from my pad to my notebook, and then with what time I have I try to knock some things off my list. This is technically another habit, so I won’t mind if this slips as the main habit to build this month is Capture.
  6. A pad is much quicker than an app. I always thought the time difference was negligible, but I am proving myself wrong. Further, if I don’t take my phone out, I can’t see any emails or texts, and I don’t have the compulsion to look at them and waste 10 minutes on my phone.

Hopefully this will inspire anyone who is on the fence to explore GTD/ZTD for themselves, and perhaps join me in building good habits in 2017.


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