ZTD Tuesday: catch up 2

For last weeks update: catch up 1.

An update on how March capture month is going:


I am gaining a deeper understanding between the relationship between my thoughts and stress. As my thoughts appear, I have an immediate desire to execute on them. If I think of an idea, I immediately want to research it. If I just capture the idea, I can get the idea off my mind, and the stress goes with it.

But further to this, I think about how actually, I could put those ideas off indefinitely. Never do them. The capture tool allows me to capture it and get it off my mind, but sometimes it is more useful to me to just delete that. Addressing an idea by saying “I’m not doing that” is a big stress reliever.

I am reminded by the book Maximum Willpower by Kelly McGonigan that actually your mind is sometimes wrong. I don’t have to do what feels right. I can do something which delays gratification.


I’ve got a pad at work now that I carry around with me all the time. It stays in my pocket and I put it on my desk.


I’m also developing a second habit. First thing I do after my son is in bed is process my pad into my A5 notebook. This has become an interesting task as I have been generating a lot of contexts in the notebook.

I started by just adding my inputs ad hoc to the pages, but over the weekend I’ve moved them to more discreet pages with headings like blog, someday/maybe, waiting for, calls, April. This is a much more complex than I wanted to do at this point, but actually processing this way feels very natural.


I am considering getting a diary rather than using a digital calendar.


I’ve been reconsidering how I use a computer and what use it has.  It’s interesting that once you use an analogue system to capture everything, I’m spending a lot less time on my computer. I came up with a brief list of things that I need a computer for:

  • email
  • writing/blogging
  • online banking
  • photo storage
  • budget

But anything can become a time sink if you let it. Perhaps a break with technology would be good for me. Perhaps my next experiment will be to only use my computer for the necessities.


Saturday I kind of just took my foot off the pedal. I didn’t keep my pad with me. I didn’t look in my notebook. I just sort of relaxed. I did notice some stress arising from not having my pad with me. But I think I just relaxed into the old self.

I’m ok with this. The point of this is to build the habit over a month, so having an off day is fine.


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