Since starting a budget, I wanted a cheap, quick, protein packed vegetarian / vegan lunch. Below is how I made a lunch that is £1.34 a day, 659 calories, 43g of protein, and can be made either vegetarian or vegan. Cheap: Dave Ramsey talks about rice and beans, beans and rice. So I thought I would … Continue reading lunch


ZTD habit 2 April: process / clarify

We've captured all our stuff in our notepads, our minds are happier and we have less stress because we're not keeping stuff on out minds any more. The main habit I'll be focusing on in April is getting my inboxes to zero once a day by processing them into the different categories: Do, Defer, Delegate, Trash, … Continue reading ZTD habit 2 April: process / clarify


When we're trying to break habits and build routines that reflect our long term goals, sometimes we have to cheat. I recall seeing three people running together while I was walking one day. They weren't running particularly fast; in fact, they were able to hold a conversation. I remember initially feeling that they were being … Continue reading cheat